“Go into all the world and make disciples of all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Matt. 28:19

As commissioned by Jesus Christ, the Eastside congregation believes heavily in evangelism, and we make it a priority in our budget to support various evangelistic efforts both local and foreign.

The following are a list of Resources and Links to various ministries we support around the globe. We hope you find this list of resources useful.

Local Evangelism | National Evangelism | Foreign Evangelism | Benevolence

Local Evangelism

In Search of the Lord’s Way

In Search of the Lord’s Way is a television broadcast out of Edmond, Oklahoma, that has been airing since 1980, hosted by Mac Lyon and Phil Sanders. It is one of the most widely broadcasted evangelistic television programs in the United States. Learn more and for free online broadcasts of the program anytime anywhere, as well as many other resources go to

Bible Talk – Online Bible Studies is a new mission work, produced by Mike Mazzalongo of the Choctaw Church of Christ, which focuses primarily on the over 2 billion people who use the internet. It is a website that provides video, audio, and textual Bible teaching and preaching material for free. These include entire series on books of the Bible as well as hundreds of individual Bible related subjects available for easy download for free. You can also order DVDs/CDs of the material and have it mailed to your homes.

The Goal of this work is to spread the gospel to the greatest number of people using the latest technology available.

Truth for Today

Truth for Today is a missionary school which is heavily involved in printing materials for the missionaries out in the fields. The cost for the missionaries is free, and it helps them to spread the word of God. Visit their website at and for information on purchasing the extremely useful Truth for Today Commentaries visit

Prison Ministry

Bud Tibbles conducts worship services at the Dick Conner Correctional Center, a high medium security center, average 75 to 90 men. The minimum security unit at the same location, the John L. Dahl Center, averages 10 to 15 men each week.

Additionally, Vernon Gray, based out of the Crowder Church of Christ ministers to the maximum security prisoners at OSP including death row, in McAlester, Oklahoma.

If we don’t take the time to address the anger issues and addictions that have led to the inmates’ incarceration before they are released, than we are spinning our wheels and they will come full circle.” — V. Gray. Presently the state does not provide pre-release behavior counseling prior to re-entry. However, both Bud Tibbles and Vernon Gray are involved in New Life Behavior Ministries which is a non-profit organization providing faith based curriculums to help our inmates deal with issues in their lives and lead to behavior changes that will better their lives as they enter into the community.

Bud Tibbles is on board of trustees for New Life Behavior Ministries, for the Oklahoma Chapter. The Department of Corrections is looking more to faith-based programs, and these courses are at the top of their list and completion of these programs is taken into consideration in the parole process.

Prison Correspondence Courses

Long time Eastside members, the Mires family started a Prison Correspondence ministry in September, 2001, with the names of 24 prisoners desiring Bible Courses. Since then, Eastside has mailed tens of thousands of lessons in at least 12 states in at least 170 prisons. There have been many baptisms from these lessons.

Southeast Church of Christ – Oklahoma City

Eastside is proud to help support our local Spanish speaking brothers and sisters at the Southeast Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, located on 838 SE Grand Blvd, in Oklahoma City. This congregation is trying to reach the growing Hispanic population in Oklahoma City. Call for information on meeting times. 405-634-3489.

Maud Church of Christ

Eastside has been supporting Frank Brewer’s ministry at the small congregation in Maud, Oklahoma.

National Evangelism

Bear Valley School of Preaching

We have been supporting the work at Bear Valley and its students for several years now. September 7th, 1965, was the beginning of the Bear Valley School of Preaching.

Bear Valley currently offers Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s Degree programs. Bear Valley also provides a 17 course program for women with a Certificate in Biblical Studies. They also have extension centers in Ukraine, Tanzania, Panama, and India.

For more information about Bear Valley, visit their website at

Boulder, Colorado

We have been supporting David Howard for several years, presently in Boulder, Colorado. You can visit their web site to learn more about their work in Colorado.

Foreign Evangelism

World Bible School

World Bible School, is a unique ministry opportunity that not only brings the Bible to remote areas all over the world, but also involves people from around the globe, including you and me, in delivering the message. World Bible school sets up a 7 part series of correspondance courses for people all over and provides lessons which will be mailed to members of the church throughout the globe. Many members at Eastside are involved in grading these courses and corresponding with students of WBS. If you would like to be involved in this unique outreach ministry, please contact our Elders at Eastside and we can get you involved.

Quito, Equator School of Biblical Studies

Operation Ecuador,, is a foreign ministry working to train talented young men in ministry for the Lord at the Ecuador School of Biblical Studies in Quito, Ecuador. Kent Marcum has been the director at the school in Quito Equator for the past 20 years.

Operation Equator began in 1989 with 4 North American families and 1 Latin American family planting a church in Quito. Since then the Lord has blessed them with several new churches throughout the country.

Quito School of Biblical Studies began in 1997 with 14 full-time students. The present number of students is 45-50 per year as of 2013. They have now expanded their curriculum to included several courses online for accesibility.

Mission Guatemala

Mission Guatemala, is headed by missionaries Byron Benitez and Hawatthia Jones in Central America. These gentlemen preside over the Latin America Theological Institute,, which trains students in the greatly needed effort of spreading the gospel over Central America.


Eastside has been involved in many different mission efforts in Australia over the years. Currently Eastside supports Ted Paull and the Macquarie School of Biblical Studies in Australia. Visit their website for more information


Kim Voraritskul is presently working in Thailand and is involved in helping various churches around thre region. Kim set up a preaching school for young men to learn the Bible and take it back to their native country and spread the gospel.


Winston Bolt serves as the director of the Batam Bible School which trains leaders for the church in Indonesia. New churches are being planted every year, as the Gospel is preached in this largely Islamic nation.


Palmer Smith presently is working in the Mission field in the rural areas around Cancun, Mexico. On occasion Eastside has been fortunate to bring members down there to support Palmer and his work.


Food Pantry

We stock a small food pantry with some basic food items for giveaway to help families in an emergency situation. Call or email us for more details.

Clothing Giveaway

Several times a year, we offer clothing to anyone in need. The clothing has been donated to us and we pass along all usable items. We open the doors to our “store” on a first-come, first-serve basis on an announced Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning. Special appointments are sometimes made for special needs. Call or email us for more details.

Disaster Support

After natural disasters, we often provide money and/or other items needed by the victims to help them recover. After the May 3, 1999, tornado that hit Oklahoma City, we served as a distribution point for food, appliances, and furniture needed by those affected.

Children’s Homes

We contribute to, Hope Harbor and Tipton, as well as donating food items on a periodic basis for pick-up and use by the homes.

Oklahoma Christian Home

We contribute financially on a monthly basis to this home which helps place children and arrange adoptions for Christian homes