Bible Class Resources

Eastside church of Christ places a large amount of emphasis on teaching in our Bible class ministries and other focus areas. This page is intended to provide information for current and prospective teachers who are interested in participating in teaching one of our Bible classes. We recognize the solemn responsibility we as Christians have for passing on the faith to the next generation and we are thankful for all those who have sacrificed time and effort to participate in this incredible ministry. We hope this will encourage anyone who has thought about participating in spreading your faith to the current and next generations.

Page currently under construction…

– Curriculum in use for children’s Bible classes.

– Policies and Procedures

– Teacher Questionnaire

– Laptop policies/Agreements

Useful Teaching Resources – Mary Nelson from Otumoetai Church of Christ, in Tauranga, New Zealand has a large set of lessons and teaching ideas freely available on her website targeting Bible classes for ages Kindergarten through 6th grade. A handy resource for any new teachers interested in taking on Bible class teaching in these age groups – Apologetics Press provides a free multi-year curriculum targeted for many age groups, teaching the Bible and providing an element which focuses on research and studies in evidences for the Christianity. – eBible study is a service provided by Oklahoma Christian University which provides 13-week lessons for teens and adults in various freely available.

As with any curriculum any teacher must be concerned with Biblical accuracy and consider what the Bible has to say in any subject before using it in a teaching setting.